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In the later chapters, I will also try to explain with logic and personal experience the true origin of disc problems, backache and postural troubles using the concept that muscles, and particular muscles at that, play the primary role in the prevention and genesis of spine problems. The bones, and even the bending and lifting muscles, play only an inconsequential part in these problems. Except in the case of direct trauma or injury, the problems of joints, discs and other bone-like structures predominantly result from weakness or defect of the spinal and related muscles. I will show that the spine needs very special treatment to remain healthy, but with Integrated Health it can normally remain so for life.
Treatment of Muscles
In general, physiotherapists without special postgraduate training act as 'paramedics', equivalent to nurses who help medics to carry out some of their labour-intensive jobs, except that they function quite independently. Some doctors have only a vague idea of what goes on in the physiotherapy department. Thus there is no strong rapport between doctors and physiotherapists.