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In case you are not sure about certain anatomical terms, I will try to explain them as I go along, but just for a start:

  • a muscle is a piece of meat, full of blood;
  • a tendon is an enormously strong white fibrous tissue, like flexible steel, that joins a muscle to a bone;
  • a ligament is the gristle surrounding joints that keeps the ends of the bones in place.

You can see all three very clearly in a turkey leg. You eat the meat, but there is no way you can eat the tendons or the ligaments - you give them to the dog.
Without the muscles and their tendons, the skeletal system is useless on its own. The main function of the bones is to provide stability and hard surfaces to which muscles can be attached. The bones therefore play a secondary, not a primary role in
movement and posture maintenance. Muscles with their tone or fitness create an anti-gravitational force that keeps Homo Sapiens erect. The skeletal system, especially the spine, without its muscles can hardly stand up on its own. It certainly can't support the weight of the heart, lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys etc without collapsing. Only the spinal muscles can create that force to keep the spine erect. The same principles apply to the legs and hips, and without their musculature they would not be able to support the weight of the torso and the head.